Day 3: OPI- Glow Up Already!

Hi ya,

Day 3 color is OPI’S – Glow up Already! from the 2010 Burlesque Collection. The Burlesque collection comes in 12 different shades. This color “Glow up Already” consists of mostly Light Green glitter in a clear base with Red, Fuchsia and Blue glitter as accents. There is also green micro glitter throughout which ties it all together. I only needed two generous coats for full coverage.  This is a beautiful, eye- catching shade, I wish the Green glitter was a more vibrant shade of Green as this one can look too Golden in certain lighting but all in all it is a beautiful green glitter, so sparkly , glittery and glitzy yumness all rolled up in an awesome bottle of sparkle. Glow up already looks very green in the bottle but on the nail it’s more mellow.  It falls somewhere between meadow green and gold. I have an obsession with anything blingy, glitzy,glittery and this color packs a punch of glittery, glitzy goodness.I love this glitter polish it goes on a lot more smoother than other glitter polishes I’ve tried before, you can use it by itself in one or two or three coats depending on how much nail you want showing through. Or you can layer on top of another color to make it more fabulously fierce. i give this glitter a10 out of 10, LOVE GLOW UP ALREADY.

Remember Dolls JUST BE FIERCE!



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