Day 4: OPI -Not Like The Movies

Hey Dolls,

Todays color is OPI’s – Not Like The Movies, Its from the 2010 Katy Perry Collection. NOT LIKE THE MOVIES is listed as a sultry silver, but just looking at the bottle with out opening it you see green, a blue, almost a pinky purple and silver its kinda changes to a lot of different shades. The shade is  listed as a sultry silver but I really didn’t see too much silver except for the silver microglitter that was running through the bottle and you can see the micro glitter also when you paint it on. The micro glitter is a sweet surprise. The formula is a tad on the thin side and not as build-able opaque as i had hoped. This polish is an awesome duo chrome well maybe triple chrome color it turns different shades as you move you fingers, I like it, i’m a bit miffed that my camera didn’t catch the changing of the colors effect it kinda just makes it look a silver purplish color.The color becomes a pale iridescent silver flecked with tiny sparkles of silver micro-glitter, a romantic pink, a metallic lavender and a sea-foam green whenever the mood takes it. It’s an absolutely awesome  effect that shows up better in the bottle than on my nails in some of my photos but it’s ridiculously fierce  in real-life. Alrighty dolls thats it for today remember



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