Day 5: OPI – Mad As A Hatter

Hey Dolls,

Well today we have a special color that i absolutely love, it has a few of my obsessions all in one little bottle of kick-ass polish. First off its named after one of my favorite Alice in Wonderland characters, and its from OPI’s Alice in Wonderland collection and and omg it is glitter, its sparkley, shiney, and glitzy. It’s just pure glitter madness, kinda of mad like a Mad Hatter, hehehe, any ways enough of my mad rant or rave or which ever. Mad As A Hatter is a multi color glitter nail polish. Mad As A Hatter  is one big confetti party encapsulated in a bottle of polish. It’s a mad tea party in a bottle of yummy glittery goodness. So I would have to say I absolutely love this polish it is a hard one to pass up.

Just Be Fierce and Mad As A Hatter,

❤ Anna                 Punky Make-Up Junkies Disclosure Policy


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