Day 44: Deborah Lippmann – Bad Romance

Hey Dolls,

I just realized that i’m having a glitter party and your all invited lol, lately I’ve been showing you nothing but glitter polishes. Well today is no different and  i’m sorry I just been in a glitzy and glamour mood lately. But any who moving along to today’s wonderful glitter goodness. It is called Bad Romance by Deborah Lippmann and yes little monsters it is named after a Lady GaGa Song. Bad Romance is a black semi-sheer jelly base that is packed with magenta glitter and hexagonal sequins. Bad romance  is both hard-edge and feminine much like Lady GaGa is. I’m feeling this glitter shade a lot, i’m loving it for the way it looks in the bottle, the way it looks on the nails and for its name. When applying this type of polish I would use the least amount of strokes possible to keep the sequins in place and Only wipe the brush on the side not touching the nail to ensure the sequins aren’t dropped back in the bottle. Also wait a little longer between layers to avoid dragging and make sure the layers are dry in between putting another layer on to avoid taking away glitter you just put on. This polish isn’t that hard to remove either like most glitter polishes. Basically soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover, let it sit about 15 seconds on your nail wipe off and bam easy p-easy all clean ready for another fierce manicure.m You can also wear it alone or layer it over a similar color or contrasting color to give it more of a punch. until next time Nail Junkies.

Just Be Fierce,

❤ Anna

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