Day 50: Orly – Space Cadet

Hey Dolls,

I have another nail polish from Orly’s Cosmic FX collection, this one is called Space Cadet. Space Cadet is so awesome, looking at it in the bottle I thought I wouldn’t love it as much. But bam wow it is fantastic I love this shade. This is the chameleon out of the collection it has a very strong duochrome finish. It looks like a mauvey plum but then it glints a chartreuse green with strong gold undertones. Its like one minute you see it as  rosy, then you move a certain way and you see a coppery flash.  At certain angles it looks mauve and others it’s pink. This is mind boggling shade. You can achieve full coverage in just a few coats application was smooth no trouble. I give this one 10 fierce points. Until next nail polish dolls, same nail time, same nail channel.

Just Be Fierce,

❤ Anna

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