Day 54: Sinful Colors- 24/7

hey Dolls,

Well since today is the first official day of summer I have a wonderful playful summer shade for you. It just screams summer fun. it’s called 24/7 and it is by sinful colors. it is a creme vibrant hot neon pink. You can wear this color 24/7 if you want to you can’t go wrong with it,if its a rainy day and you need a summer pick me up run to 24/7 and it will brighten your rainy day, feeling funky on a hot summer day? bust out 24/7 and it will make you feel hottie hot hot. This one is a little streaky so with application I recommend a few coats to even it out and get full coverage but make sure you let it dry between coats or you will have a creamy hot pink mess on your hands literally. It does dry matte like all neon shades do so a simple top coat will do the trick to make it shiny. You can wear this one alone or put a fierce glitter on top to make it glamorous or incorporate it into a fierce nail design. The possibilities are endless. Until next time nail divas, same nail time same nail channel.

Just Be Fierce,

❤ Anna

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