Day 64: OPI- Electric Eel

Hey Dolls,

I have a fantastic old OPI shade for you today it is called Electric Eel.  Electric Eel is a green shimmer with gold and orange tone duochrome nail polish color. Electric Eel is highly underrated in the bottle it doesn’t look like much and also by itself it is really shear and shimmery but when you put this baby over a black nail polish watch out it jumps out at you and smacks you in the face with shimmery goodness. Electric Eel is from OPI Brights Collection it has a bit of a pinkish duochrome flash. When using Electric Eel by itself you have to use a few coats for it to become opaque but it still has VNL (visible nail line).  I love that its a  pearl color with a  pink flash. It’s a great green, perfect for a splash of color on a rainy  day or a fun shade for summer when you want to play it mellow. Electric Eel also works really well over  blues and pinks. It’s all irridescent pinks and greens and golds. But I could ramble on and on about this shade dolls but I won’t on to more nail reviews and swatches. Enjoy Dolls until next nail polish, same nail time same nail channel…..

Just Be Fierce,

< 3 Anna

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