Day 98: Cult Nails-Living Water

Hey Dolls,

So I have a totally awesome nail polish for you, it is called Living Water by Cult Nails. I don’t know what it is but I’m totally loving the dark polishes with the random glitters running through them and this one is no exception to that. Living Water  is described as a deep blue jelly polish with ice blue and emerald green glitter inspired by the phosphorescent sea-water.  It’s a really blackened blue color base (more black than blue, even with flash) with pale blue, emerald green, and teal micro-glitter. This really does look like ocean water at night with the moon is shinning off of it, I am totally in love with this color. This shade needs a top coat for a smooth finish so you won’t feel the slight texture of the micro-glitter, it can end up a little rough. This polish needs two coats to get opaque color, and the formula dries quickly but almost needs to set before going for a second coat. This shade is fierce I love it can be found at and it sells for $10. So enjoy my lovelies. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel….

Just Be fierce,


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