Day 159: OPI – Cancun Fiesta

Hey Dolls,

I’m going old school for my pink polish today, it is called Cancun Fiesta by OPI it is from their colorcopia collection. The oldest of the Colorcopia releases, Cancun Fiesta was debuted in 1989 during OPI’s first Nail Lacquer Launch. Truly an oldie but goodie, this precedent pink has paved the way for similar colors like Bright Lights Big Color, Calendar Girl, and The Thrill of Brazil. Whether you’re doing some traveling soon or just like a margarita now and then, Cancun Fiesta
is sure to compliment any Latin desire!  Cancun Fiesta was re-released  from the original OPI launch in 1989! A medium blue-toned pink with very subtle shimmer. This is not a very good representation of the shade- it’s more saturated and leans a little more purple in real life. I believe I have the original Cancun Fiesta from 1989 because I snagged this one from my mamma’s nail polish collection and she’s used and loved OPI as long as I’ve been alive lol. Enjoy dolls until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel….

Just Be Fierce


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