Day 183: Wet N’ Wild – Correction Tape

Hey Dolls,

GLITTER, GLITTER AND MORE GLITTER ……..IT’S BACK Yup you guessed it more glitter. I love glitter, today’s polish is called Correction Tape by Wet N’ Wild it is from their fall 2011 collection called On The Prowl. Correction Tape is made of  medium-sized gold, fuchsia, and blue hex glitter in a clear base. There’s also some black square glitter. I love this glitter polish it reminded me of another glitter polish in my stash OPI Sparkle-licious they aren’t exactly the same they have similar colors, I will do a comparison later and post it here soon. Most people on the nail blogs were no’t quite sure what color to layer this one most people put it over white, I say layer over what ever color sparks your fancy I say this is an awesome glitter polish to layer over whatever strikes your fancy to make an amazeballs manicure. I would totally wear this alone to it is just such a fun glitter polish. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

Just Be Fierce


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