Day 213: Essence – Bella

Hey Dolls,

OMG Twilight themed nail polish I am so in love this is the rest of Essence Nail Art Twin Twilight Duo this one is the color base it is called Bella. Like I said yesterday I fell in love with this dup for a few reasons and I had to have them. A. This duo was Twilight themed, B. they ere green, and C. it had green glitter two of my favorite things in polish. ahhhhhh ok onto Bella it is  just gorgeous! A lovely blue/green shade of  creme polish or I would say it is a greenish turquoise color with a glossy finish. It only took one coat to be opaque on most of my nails but if you’ve read my blog from the beginning you all know I must use three coats and then I am satisfied with the manicure. I absolutely love this color I was always looking for this exact shade in a nail polish and now I have found it. Well I am done rambling about this duo I will let the pictures do the rest of my talking for me lovelies but like I said before if you get the chance to come across these two don’t hesitate to snatch them up and add them to your lovely stash of polishes. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…. P.S. I also included some pictures of Edward over Bella just in case you forgot 😛

Just Be Fierce

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