Day 221: China Glaze – It’s My Turn

Hey Dolls,

Guess what I have for you …… well if you’ve read the title you already know I have It’s My Turn by China Glaze from their Kaleidoscope Collection. It’s My Turn is a lovely gold prismatic shimmer Holo. Oh how I love this one I love gold nail polish but a gold prismatic holo ohhhh drool…… Love it. It’s incredibly bright and eye catching. This is a glittery Gold holographic polish meaning it reflects many different colors, but the glitter sort of works together, rather than independently. Those of you familiar with the OMG collection Holos you might think these look more like a glitter polish. I love the smooth-linear-ness of the OMG holos, but these are just….Amazing. I can’t tell which I prefer more, the smooth Holo of the OMG’s or the chunkier holo of these Kaleidoscope polishes. The OMG’s are pretty much opaque in 2 coats, the Kaleidoscope’s typically need 3, since they seem to not have much of a base color. But I love both collections  Just the same. The OMG have some chipping problems but I’ve yet to see any chipping problems with  this polish or the whole Kaleidoscope collection for that matter. I also added pictures of It’s My Turn outdoors in the sun to show you the holo effect in the sun. Well I have rambled enough I will just move on to pictures, until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…

Just Be Fierce

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