Day 228: Wet N’ Wild – Rockin’ Rubies

Hey Dolls,

Glitter I absolutely love glitter, yes sir may I have more glitter please? Hehehe Today I have an awesome polish for you it is called Rockin’ Rubies by Wet N’ Wild it is from their ColorIcon Ice Baby Collection. This collection was exclusively for Walgreens stores. Rockin’ Rubies is a red micro glitter with a handful of round holographic pieces in a clear base. The Formula was great on this one it applied flawlessly and you only need one to two coats for it to become fully opaque. I know I’m not a fan of red nail polishes but I am a fan of red glitters, (there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,) all because of Dorthy’s Ruby Red Slippers. But they do have a thick, rough texture. I found that if I just waited a little longer in between coats that I didn’t have any clumping or dragging which can sometimes happen with these gritty glitters. It did  apply evenly and dried quickly. Rockin’ Rubies is extremely textured and gritty and it does dry matte, so if you want a smooth finish you will need multiple coats of topcoat. well my dynamic duo that is all for today until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

Just Be Fierce

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