Day 245: Essence – Louise

Hey Dolls,

I have the second nail polish to the essence nail art twin from yesterday. This one is called Louise by Essence. Louise is the glitter topper from the nail art twins Thelma & Louise. Essence made the nail art twins themed after famous couples of the world. Louise is a glitter packed topper. It has tons of small round glitter and dark and light pink square glitter! It’s like a party on my nails, I love this combo! I love this glitter because it is so unique it has large square glitters instead of the normal hexagonal glitters you usually see in glitter polishes. The glitter is a little temperamental so you to wait between coats to get full coverage because if not you will take off glitter you already put down. other than that this polish is awesome. Like i said yesterday you can’t find these in the USA I got mine off of ebay. I took tons of pictures of this glitter by itself and over its partner Thelma, wet n’ wild ink well, Orly shine, opi funky dunkey and opi not like the movies. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

Just Be Fierce


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