Day 311: Essie- Pure Pearlfection

Hey Dolls,

I have a fun polish for you today it is called Pure Pearlfection from Essie’s Luxeffects collection. Pure Pearlfection is well a little hard to describe but i’ll give it a go it pretty much is a top coat that has a pearl shimmer effect when layered over another color it really transforms colors and textures and I love how it looks a little different over every color it is layered over. I am obsessed with this nail polish. I think the result speaks for itself.  It gives the polish a completely new look – and I absolutely love it. I prefer shimmers to cremes and I can’t wait to try this over… pretty much everything I own. I took a few pictures of it by itself but you can’t really tell a difference and I also layered it over a black polish to show you the effect the polish has over another color. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel……

Just BE Fierce

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