Day 324: China Glaze- Gaga For Green

Hey Dolls,

I have an awesome polish for you today called Gaga For Green from China Glaze Electropop Collection. Gaga For Green is a froggy spring kelly green creme almost jelly-ish polish. Lemme tellya, I am GAGA for this! When I first saw this and the name I instantly thought of Lady Gaga dress as a frog, hehehe . Gaga For Green by China Glaze is a fresh kind of green that reminds me of spring because it’s light and carefree. It’s a simple shade of green that I respect. It’s easy for a polish with glitter to get your attention, but when you get a color that’s simple, it’s not always easy for it to stand out in the Sea of Bells and Whistles. Despite having a lot of greens in my collection, I really do like this one because of the finish. I love this polish for a few reasons, One is the name, another is the shade of green it is, and how lovely this applies it is fantastic like butter. This polish has something special it is a unique green that I will be reaching for over and over. Ahhhhhh I love this one I think I have to buy a back up because I will be using this one alot. I highly recommend this one. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel….

Just BE Fierce

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