China Glaze Crackle Glitters

Hey Dolls,

I was prowling around the nail blogs and I found this collection that is coming out soon and I am totally excited about this collection I want it. It is by our lovely friends at China Glaze it is called Crackle Glitters Collection it consists of four polishes.

  • Glam-More: Purple crackle glitter.
  • Gleam Me Up: Blue crackle glitter.
  • Jade-d: Green crackle glitter.
  • Luminous Lavender: Lilac crackle glitter.

It is supposed to come out in March 2012 so awesome it is going to retail for about $3.00-$7.00 U.S.

From Left To Right: Glam More, Gleam Me Up, Jade-d & Luminous Lavender Nail Lacquers.

That’s all I have for now enjoy until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

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