Day 188: Dare To Wear – Disc Jockey

Hey Dolls,

GLITTER AND MORE GLITTER, you should know by know i’m a glitter freak I love all and anything glitter oh and if the glitter happens to be GREEN oh hot damn you better watch out it must be mine. Today’s polish is called Disc Jockey from Dear To Wear Disco Tech Collection. I first saw this at the salon where my mom works the manicurist had it on her nail polish wall and I fell in love, I typed the name and brand in my phone and the rest is history folks heheheheh. Disc Jockey is a lime green glitter polish with bar glitter, silver and green tiny dot glitter, and big green hexagonal glitter in a sheer lime green base. (drool) I love this glitter it makes me happy just looking at the bottle. I took pistures of it by itself and also of it over sinful colors Irish Green which is similar to the base color. This one is on the sheer side but with three or four coats you probably can get some opaqueness. You can wear this one alone, or over a similar color or for a different effect over a totally different color. This is a yummy amazeballs glitter, ahhh I love it and I love sharing it with you lovelies, until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

Just Be fierce

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