Day 270: Sally Hansen – Glass Slipper

Hey Dolls,

I have a fun polish for you today it is called Glass Slipper from Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color line. Glass Slipper is like snow in a bottle of nail polish, it is a  sparkling topper with a mix of different size icy silver flakies floating in a slightly milky clear jelly base. I love this one it was hard for me to find it but I found mine on ebay for cheap but after I received it I found two bottles at my rite aid lol oh well I have it that is all that matters. This is so pretty, in person but it kind of hangs back in photographs. It just doesn’t show up as it does when you are looking directly at it. Glass Slipper is a nicely behaved topper polish. Smooth jelly base and plenty of flakies. This polish applies smoothly and the flakies are easy to work with. They go on a tad unevenly but it isn’t a major deal and easy enough to even out. This topper dries quickly and needs no  top coat to make it utterly shiny and sparkly. I love the faceted bottle it comes in so pretty and a little gem on the front I’m in love. It  is available in drugstores and other retailers that carry Sally Hansen. It runs between six and seven dollars a bottle. A little steep, for Sally Hansen, if you ask me but oh well I love pretty polishes and I will pay it if I want it bad enough lol. I took a few pictures by itself but it doesn’t show up and I also took some with it over Wet N’ Wild’s Ink Well onto the nail porn, until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

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