Day 33: Green Shattered Polka Duck Feet

Hey Dolls,

I wanted to share my current nails, This is todays nail art its a little something I like to call Green Shattered Polka. I have a little trouble doing my own acrylic nails so I asked m,y mother-in-law to help me do some and she was happy to. She used a green glitter and some silver glitter I had and put it on some duck feet nails I had;. Then I decorated them myself, On the ring fingers and thumbs over the silver I put OPI – Black Shatter and lined it with clear gems. On my pinkies, middle and index fingers I put Black polka dots with craft smart black acrylic paint and one clear gem at the bottom. Hope you love them as much as I do.

Just be Fierce,

❤ Anna           Punky Make-Up Junkies Disclosure Policy


Day 2: California Flare, Duck Feet, Duck Bills whichever

These nails have a few names: The California Flare, Duck Feet or Duck Bills, i love these type of fake nails more than the regular one because you can fit on way more nail art than the usual smaller typical fake nails, this picture is of a manicure i had a couple of months ago this is the wider flare version.  I love glitter, green, and zebra print.


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Day 1: 365 Days of Nail Art (my current nails)

These are pictures of most recent FIERCE manicure hehehe. These are the thinner version of the California Flare, Duck Feet or Duck Bills which ever name you prefer. I just love them they aren’t for everyone. These aren’t your typical fake nails but i think they are amazing.

Just Be Fierce! catch ya later

❤ Anna

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