Day 177: Fright Night Claw Polish – Phantom

Hey Dolls,

Mr. PunkymakeupJunkie and me recently took a random trip to Target a month ago and I came across these polishes. They were in a two pack and they are for Halloween. I took one look at the silver and black pack and said it must be mine. The two pack cost $5.99. The one I am showing you today is called Phantom and it is by Fright Night Claw Polish. Phantom is a medium grey with multi-colored shimmer. Applying these polishes isn’t exactly the easiest thing the little coffin lid is kind of awkward shape to hold to paint your nails. It’s not a huge deal just kinda annoying. I fell in love with this one in the bottle and then when I swatched it I was like hello I love you. I have never seen a gray polish with shimmer before I love it.  The formula was a little thin but it was fully opaque after three coats. Enjoy until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

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