Day 111: N.Y.C. – Greenwich Village

Hey Dolls,

Today I have a hot pink for you it is called Greenwich Village and it is by N.Y.C. – New York Color, it is from their New York Minute Collection. Two years ago I was searching for an awesome hot pink to match my dress I was going to wearing to my engagement party and I was wandering through awl-mart and this one caught my eye. It was the perfect pink for my dress. This was the one color that introduced me to N.Y.C. Greenwich Village is is a shocking hot pink that dries in record time. This polish is awesome it is the type of polish you should have on hand when you want to add color to your nails and you don’t want to wait forever for it to dry. In two quick coats bam your done you have a fierce hot pink manicure. The formula is awesome no streaking and it is highly pigmented so one coat will do with no VNL but I always love more then one coat and I am good to go. Until next nail polish dolls, same nail time, same nail channel….

Just Be Fierce,


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Day 77: N.Y.C.- Starry Silver Glitter

Hey Dolls,

On one of my many shopping trips I found this awesome cheap glitter polish, it is called Starry Silver glitter and it is by N.Y.C. (New York Color). This polish is awesome by itself and very build-able or you can put it on top of another shade to bling it out. It has a clear base with silver glitter and some larger glitters in light pink and blue. I love how it makes a boring nailpolish more interesting and how it can do just fine on its own! I love this polish I found it at my local target, but i’m sure you can find it anywhere and it doesn’t coat a whole lot this is a great glitter. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

Just Be Fierce

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