OPI Black Shatter vs. China Glaze Black Mesh Crackle

Hey Dolls,

I have a little treat for you today, I know I’ve already showed you OPI Black Shatter and China Glaze Black Mesh Crackle  in my 365 days of nail polish but I wanted to do a little  OPI Shatter Vs. China Glaze Crackle for you so you can see the difference and make up your mind from there. Let’s get started shall we…


At a side by side glance you can’t really tell them apart they look like the exact same nail polish right? Wrong I have both of them on, here’s which is what…

Ok now on to business they are both an inky black but the china glaze is a little less goopy to apply then OPI is. Next on to how they look the china glaze breaks apart into more random pieces. While OPI has longer lengthwise splits that make it look like fault lines on the ground. The china glaze black mesh crackle’s consistency is perfect, slightly thin and very easy to work with. Black Mesh is a great alternative to OPI’s Black Shatter they both have similar results. The OPI shatter after several uses I noticed the formula developed a thickness and somewhat goopy texture to it. I’ve heard you can use nail polish thinner to tone it down, but I haven’t personally tried that and in no way whatsoever recommend it. OPI has 15ml instead of China Glaze’s 14ml. Both work very similarly on the nail, however, I find that OPI’s brush is a bit wider and therefore it’s easier to apply the polish in my opinion. However, both are very workable, and if you can’t find one or the other, they both make excellent substitutes for this style. I know OPI Black Shatter retail’s for about $10 a bottle and China Glaze retails for about $3.50 to $9.50 depending on where you buy it. These polishes are exact dupes for each other, it basically comes down to which brand you prefer. Personally I loved how the OPi Black Shatter shattered better than china Glaze that’s just my preference dolls, until next nail polish, same nail time same nail channel…

Just Be Fierce,

❤ Anna

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