Day 52: Nfu 61

Hey Dolls ,

OMG I have an amazing polish for you, its a holographic polish it’s by Nfu, it is from their Oh Holo Collection. It’s number 61, 61 is a silver holographic shade it sparkles, sparkles and sparkles some more. I tried to capture this one’s true beauty the best that I could with my camera. But the pictures do it no justice but you get the jest of it. Ok these are all pictures of this polish before I read up on it I didn’t know that it needs to be worn over Nfu Aqua base. The Aqua base helps it from being a streaky mess and helps the holographic stand out more. The Aqua Base and holographic polishes are a bit thick and tricky to apply. Use thin, even coats to avoid a lumpy finish. Believe me, the extra effort is well worth it. Don’t panic if the finish looks cloudy when you apply top coat.  It will return to its holo state once the top coat dries. This polish and the base can be purchased at for about $12.50. But like I said about the aqua base it is well worth, the base I used was my sally hansen green tea with bamboo nail strengthener, and it applied fairly well to me. But this one is an absolutely lovely holographic polish. hope you enjoy it as much as I did. i took pictures of this one in various lights to show you the holo effect of this polish  Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel.

Just Be Fierce,

❤ Anna

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