Day 39: Nubar- Nubar 2010

Hey Dolls,

I have more awesomeness for you, I have a little something called Nubar 2010 by Nubar, and I fell absolutely in love when I saw this on someones tumblr I had to have it lol. Nubar created this special edition color to celebrate 10 years of creating beautiful 3-Free polishes. Nubar states: “nubar celebrates ten years of creating safe and innovative nail lacquers free of DBP (phthalate), formaldehyde, and toluene with nubar 2010.  This fantastic shade consists of flakes of reflective glitter in a  polychromatic base, and displays its many shades when worn alone as a sheer polish or layered over other nubar nail lacquers for a dramatic effect.  The limit to nubar 2010’s possibilities is your imagination!” Nubar 2010 is a clear polish filled with iridescent flake glitter. I love this color mostly over other colors it brings out the beautiful flakie sparkleness more, but you can wear it alone but it’s not as vibrate as on other nail colors. I used it over Orly Liquid Vinyl to show off it’s awesomeness. But as Nubar mentions ” The limit to nubar 2010’s possibilities is your imagination!” so run wild and create awesomness with this spectacular nail polish.

Just Be Fierce,

❤ Anna

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