Day 251: OPI – DS Mystery

Hey Dolls,

I have a fun awesome polish for you today it is called DS Mystery it is from OPI”s Designer Shades Collection. Ds Mystery is a deep translucent or jelly-like purple base with tons of gold shimmer flakes. It’s not glitter circles- they’re tiny, super thin little flecks of gold. Irregular shapes. Smooth, not bumpy. On the first coat you can see that the base is a vibrant blue-toned purple with glistening gold dust. I like the way it looks with one coat, but I hate visible nail line so I do three . With two coats it becomes a deep vampy purple jelly with a large amount of gold flakes. This is unique in my collection and it’s amazeballs on the nail. I love this color at first glance in the bottle I thought it was black until I swatched it and found out it was purple it is so yummy. The formula is thin, smooth, very quick drying, and easy to apply. This becomes  very opaque in two to three coats. Love the color, love the brand, love the name, love the brush I love everything about this polish. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

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