Day 180: Orlane 90

Hey Dolls,

Today’s polish was a happy accidental find, it’s # 90 by Orlane. I got this as a free gift from a seller on ebay when I purchased a different polish from them. I can’t remember who the seller was or what other nail polish I bought but on to this beautiful accidental find. Orlane doesn’t/ didn’t name their polishes ( I say doesn’t/didn’t because I think the company went under but if your lucky to come across any of these polishes on your nail polish treasure hunts snap them up) they just numbered them. 90 is a blackened base with loads of green micro glitter/ shimmer. I love the way this polish looks, it reminds me of Orly cosmic fx polishes the way the finishes come out on the nail. 90 has full coverage in one to two coats. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

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