My Top 10 Nail Polishes of 2011

Hey Dolls,

Today I am going to show you my top 10 Nail Polishes that came out in 2011. My number one is OPI I Lily Love You it came from their 2011 spring collection called Nice Stems! This is my number one because I love Flakie Glitter polishes and this one is awesome it has a light pink base with rainbow colored flakies so awesome I wish OPI would make more polishes like this. You can wear it alone of layered over other polishes I love it on to the pictures:

Number Two is Orly Here Comes Trouble this is from their 2011 Summer Collection called Pin – Up, this was my favorite from that collection. Here Comes Trouble is a bunch of tiny green micro glitter with a ton of larger green round glitter in a clear base. This one can become fully opaque I love this one because hello it is green glitter, it is amazeballs on to the pictures:

On to Number Three it is Wet N’ Wild Back Alley Deals it is from their Winter 2011 Coloricon Ice Baby Collection. This collection was specifically exclusive  for Walgreens stores. I love this one because it is purple micro glitter with larger round pink glitter. It looks amazballs together. I love that you can layer it or wear it on it’s own. I haven’t shown this one to you yet but here’s a preview, I will show it to you soon.

On to Number Four OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle this came in a duo pack with Grape…Set…Match! this is from their Serena Williams Glam Slam! England collection. I love this glitter it is a unch of silver holo micro glitter with a ton of larger hexagonal holo glitter. I love the sparkle in this one on to the pictures:

Number Five for me would have to be OPI Fresh Frog Of Bel Air this is from OPI 2011 Holiday Collection The Muppets. I love how this one is a tom of emerald green micro glitter with several larger silver hexagonal glitter. It is amazeballs, on to pictures:


Number six is China Glaze Marry A Millionaire  from their 2011 holiday collection Eye Candy 3-d glitters. I love this whole collection for a few reasons A: it is glitter love it B: it is themed to Marilyn Monroe I love her C: China Glaze is one of my favorite brands and I always love their glitters. Enough about that, Marry A Millionaire is a bunch of purple micro glitter with a bunch of of tinsel bar glitter that reflects green and gold. Ok this polish is delicious and amazeballs, I love the bar glitter I don’t have many nail polishes with bar glitter but so far this is my number one bar glitter polish. I love how this one looks on the nails. On to the pictures drool……

Number Seven folks is Wet N’ Wild Diamond In The Rough I love this one because it is almost black its like a charcoal grey micro glitter with a bunch of larger holo glitters. I love this one it is from their 2011 Coloricon Ice Baby Collection. On to Pictures:

Number eight is OPI Last Friday Night is from the 2011 collection that came out towards the beginning of the year it was called The Katy Perry Collection. I love this color, some people hated this collection and didn’t like that the polishes didn’t look like the promo pictures but personally I loved all the the shades in the collection and how they turned out on  the nails. I love this one for layering purposes I love how it changes up a boring manicure. On to pictures:

Number nine is OPI Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection. I love this one because its a light pink glitter that is just awesome. This polish was aptly named because it looks just like a dream on your nails. I love the tons of light pink micro glitter with the tons of larger holo glitter pieces. This polish is awesome layered or by itself. On to the picture:

Alright last but not least Number Ten OPI Warm & Fozzie from the 2011 holiday collection The Muppets. I love this one because it is a unique color I haven’t seen anything like it I love the way it looks on the nails. Warm & Fozzie was aptly named it totally reminds me of Fozzie’s fur I love it. Warm & Fozzie is described as a metallic copper, I detect beautiful, rich brown, mocha, golden and bronze tones in this polish as well. There are rust and pink particles that become visible in certain lights, which I think gives this polish a weak duochrome effect. This is a great polish on to pictures:

ok dolls that is my top ten nail polishes of 2011 here is the quick recap:

1: OPI – I Lily Love You

2: Orly – Here Comes Trouble

3: Wet n’ Wild – Back Alley Deals

4: OPI – Servin’ Up Sparkle

5: OPI – fresh Frog Of Bel Air

6: China Glaze – Marry A Millionaire

7: Wet N’ Wild – Diamond In The Rough

8: OPI – Last Friday Night

9: OPI – Teenage Dream

10: OPI – Warm & Fozzie

As you can see I didn’t have any top shades that didn’t include glitter or weren’t foil polishes, I just didn’t have any simple  polish shades that were in my top ten. Are any of the colors I chose in your top ten? Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

Just Be Fierce

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Day 247: Orly – Androgynie

Hey Dolls,

I have a fun polish for you that reminds me of New Years Eve, the polish I have for you today is called Androgynie by Orly from their Holiday Soiree. Androgynie is a combination of a sheer black jelly base with gold micro glitter and multi-colored holo hexagonal larger glitter. I love this color it is so awesome, application was ok. I would have liked the hex glitter pieces to have been distributed more evenly some nails got more pieces than others.But all in all this is a great polish for a ” Holiday Soiree” lol.  It’s pretty sparkly in the bottle, but the holo glitter does get swallowed by the black base, so you really don’t see a lot of the sparkly rainbow on the nail. This reminds me a bit of Sephora by OPI 212. I’ll show you a comparison later on.  It is a beauty, if you can get past the fact that you lose something in translation. I actually really liked how this looked on my nails. Two to three coats and you are good to go. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel……

Just Be Fierce

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Day 238: Orly – Luxe

Hey Dolls,

Today I have the final polish in Orly Foil FX Collection it is called Luxe. Luxe  is definitely the most pigmented polish of the bunch.  It’s pretty much a true gold but the ribbons of silver micro-glitter running throughout the lacquer keep it from getting too yellow or warm.  While I can’t exactly apply lipstick while looking into my nails, the finish is quite reflective.  You’ll definitely be noticed wearing these colors. I love this collection. The finish on this polish is really fun.  Instead of being all one color, Luxe is made up of tiny gold and silver particles, which give it much more depth than a solid gold polish.  I really love this polish and I can definitely see myself wearing it for the holiday season and beyond. Well dolls until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

Just Be Fierce

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Day 237: Orly – Shine

Hey Dolls,

I have an awesome polish for you today it is called Shine by Orly and it is from their Foil Fx Collection. Shine is a silver foil polish, it is even more electric in person.  Cameras just can’t capture the radiance of these polishes the way the eye sees them. Holy crap, this polish is reflective! It’s probably as reflective as any polish will ever get. It doesn’t render a mirror obsolete, but it’s seriously gorgeous! I’m telling you, if you like metallics the Foil FX collection is worth getting. I love that for a silver doesn’t lean green at all, so it never looks dirty or tarnished.  It’s just pure flashy goodness. It becomes opaque in three to four coats. I love that it is so shiny on your nail like tiny mirrors on all ten of you fingers lol. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel….

Just BE Fierce


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Day 233: Orly – Rage

Hey Dolls,

I have a fun polish for you today it is called Rage from Orly’s Foil FX Collection. Rage is a gorgeous rose gold shade with little flecks of silver throughout. I didn’t have any issues with the application. It becomes opaque in two to three coats. It goes on smooth no issues with application. I think this color would look great during summer or you can wear it in the winter to liven up your mani. This is my favorite out of the collection I love how its a pinkish bronze it looks so delicious on your nails. I love how this rose gold foil is packed with a good dose of glimmer and sheen. I love how easy this applied as well no streaking or visible brush strokes. Just gilded perfection. This would be a very nice shade for the holidays, as the metallic glimmer gives it a pop, but it is still feminine and slightly understated. I love the look of metallic nails it’s just so elegant. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

Just Be Fierce

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Hey dolls,

This is my nail of the day, I used Sally Hansen double Duty as my base then I pust Pure Ice  Kiss Me Here on top of that I used Orly fifty four and then lastly I pust Kleancolors Chunky Holo Black and then I put Sally Hansen double duty.

Day 154: Orly – Fifty Four

Hey Dolls,

lol I just noticed that the name of today’s polish is called Fifty Four and today is day 154 totally coincidental not on purpose. Anyways as I mention today’s polish is called Fifty Four by Orly it is from their Hot Stuff Collection. Hmm this one has me a little peeved, I wish I could wear it by itself but it doesn’t show up. In the bottle it looks so multi-dimensional but after it dries on the nail the pink sparkles aren’t as apparent. I would say this is a top coat instead of a polish you would wear by itself. Fifty Four is a purplish pink glitter shimmer suspended in a light pink clear base. I took some pictures of it alone and over Orly Liquid Vinyl to show you what it looks like over another. Be warned in the pictures by itself you can barely see it so look closely. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail, channel….

Just Be fierce

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