Day 125: Pure Ice Crackle – Shattered

Hey Dolls,

I have a fun polish for you today it is called Shattered by Pure Ice Crackle. I was perusing the nail polish at Walgreen’s as I always do and I came across this display of Pure Ice Crackle polishes. Bam Shattered caught my eye I had to snatch it up on color alone. This one was a blind purchase I didn’t know how the outcome would be but let’s find out together in my review. Shattered is a bright lime green it reminds me of  OPI Who The Shrek Are You? and Sinful Colors Innocent they are the same exact shades except this one crackles hhahahahaha I love it. This polish was on the thick side and a little pain to work with at first I didn’t think this one was going to crackle but it did. It takes longer than other brands I have used before but non the less this gets the job done if you are on a tight budget. This retails for $3.99 which is cheaper than OPI Shatters and China Glaze Crackles. What can I really say about this one it is awesome because I wanted a crackle polish in a green and I stumbled across this one. I took pictures of it over Orly Liquid Vinyl enjoy. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel…..

Just Be Fierce,


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