Day 241: China Glaze – Party Hearty

Hey Dolls,

Tonight Im gonna party like it’s 1999….. lol The name of the polish I am going to show you today made me think of this song. Today’s awesome glitter is called Party Hearty from China Glaze’s`Tis the Season Holiday 2010 Collection. Party Hearty is a mix of large, red hexagonal glitter; smaller green hexagonal glitter; and smaller silver and gold circular/square glitter. All the glitter particles are flat and suspended in a clear base. This is a shade that’s best layered over other polishes rather than on its own. But you can also wear it alone I took pictures of it by itself and over Orly Liquid Vinyl and Orly Luxe to show you the contrast between itself and other polishes. This is a fun shade to wear because of the three different glitters. Until next nail polish, same nail time, same nail channel……

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