sorry for being MIA

Hey Dolls,

I am truly sorry I have been MIA for awhile now a month or two, I just haven’t really been inspired to do any nail art lately but I will still continue with my blog and 365 days of nail polish and nail art I am just going to be adding a lot more post’s about makeup and doing some makeup looks. I am really into makeup and I love watching makeup tutorials on youtube and I love looking at photos of different makeup looks. I am really thinking hard about whether or not I want to go to makeup school to become a makeup artist I think that would probably make sense since I love makeup and I love going into makeup stores and playing around with all the products I love to play around and make tons of different makeup looks. I just wanted to update you all if you were wondering what happened. I just have been working a ton lately and been to tired to write much on my blog I apologize and I am just going to kind of start over and take it one day at a time. Same makeup time, same makeup channel,talk to all you dolls later.

Just Be Fierce,
Punky Make-Up Junkie’s Disclosure Policy